No use crying over spilled milk…

As the old adage suggests… but really it was the third time in nearly a week the milk leapt from my childs cereal bowl filled of honey milk goodness and landed all over the floor, chairs and grandmas lovely oak table just moments before I would have routinely shouted, “Get in the car!!”  My poor daughter debating what direction to bolt in and whether or not she should even speak because she did not want to feel the wrath of her frazzled, time crunched, wound too tight mother.  I admit, I too stand back when I’m on auto pilot in the morning and see myself being crazily overwhelmed with the bazillion things in my head.  At these moments I quickly tell my self to CALM DOWN!! It’s elementary school and tardiness because of spilled milk we can survive.

Now I could tell you that the reason I don’t want my 3 beautiful children to run haphazardly into the school just by the seat of their pants is to create good character habits that will follow them the rest of their lives.  Buuuutt alas, I will be honest with you.  Our wonderful little school has come up with a new tardiness policy and it involves dragging my frizzy haired, half makeup done, haven’t finished my coffee in my husbands sweat pants, funky butt into the school to sign them in personally when tardy.  And let me just say, nobody wants that!  Perhaps it just me. Or maybe i’m not the only one hiding behind those sunglasses and that sad excuse for a “cute” messy bun. Maybe there are more of me out there, maybe just maybe you don’t want to get outta the car either.  Do tell, I’d love to hear I’m not the only one.  What’s your two cents?



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