Me Myself and I

20170915_132916“I’m just a small town girl, livin in a lonely woooorrrld.”

Thanks for that Journey! But seriously, I’m from a small town north of Detroit.  I wouldn’t exactly call it pleasantville nor the metropolis of anywhere, but it’s where I call home.  I’m a thirty something (thank God), with my roaring twenties behind me and the world at my fingertips. I’m feeling brave.  I have 4 beautiful babes to show for my younger years that keep me pulling my hair out one strand at a time, but I wouldn’t change that for a moment.  I’ve married my knight in shining armor. He is the icing on my cake, the cork to my wine, the fork to my spoon.  I love him madly and because of him I am able to explore some of my personal talents.

OK, so lonely I suppose isn’t exactly the right word since I’m very rarely ever alone.  With four kids in our family alone time is more like a past time.  So, when I say lonely I’m really referring to ME.  As in me, myself and I not to be confused with the other me… you know, the one they call mom. 🙂

I’ve decided maybe if I fill these pages with my, “Two cents” my nonsense and banter it will feed my soul.  I hope this holds me countable in a sense because I’m usually a 2 weeks kinda gal.  That means I can exercise for 2 weeks or diet  for 2weeks or drink more water (you guessed it) for 2 weeks.  Then I get bored and go back to my evil ways.  So I’m going to try and stick with this and maybe before you know it this little blurb will be in the laughable past.



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